Monday, March 14, 2005

Integrity Official? In Albany?

Oh, its strange times in Albany. One day Fred Lebrun says every public official lies every day and we expect it AND the next day there is a quote (in a non-Albany paper of course) from the Soares spokesman saying that they will be hiring their new "public integrity" prosecutor this week to start up a new group in the DA's office? Hmm. I wonder if they might be looking into that recent illegal activity over at the Albany Police Department? Seems like a public integrity issue. On to the money quote for Soares spokemen Richard Arthur:

"The same standard of justice that applies to a local crack dealer is going to apply to public officials"

I like the sound of that. Its a good first step. But I still think we won't ever really get integrity in our public officials until we not only apply the same standards of justice to crack dealers and public officials but that when we convict them they get to share cells and cell blocks. That will start to clean things up quick fast in a hurry. A scared straight program for politicians.

In this particular case it seems to be another simple misunderstanding where the staff of elected officials also just happened to be registered lobbyists. If it wasn't for lobbyists and real estate developers do you think our elected officials might be able to act in the public's best interest? Its worth testing that out too.