Friday, March 25, 2005

Inside Politics

It's Friday so make sure to check out Inside Politics. Our old friend Albany County Republican Chairman Kermani is firing up the GOP and it sounds like his new policy is suporting a Republican Culture of Life.

"We just want to let the GOP voters know that we as Albany County Republicans are alive, and we realize that they're there, and they're alive," Kermani said.

Elsewhere in Inside Politics the ellusive John Sweeney still appears to be missing and his spokesman has resorted to namecalling instead of dealing with Sweeney's position on Social Security. And then he further avoided the issue with this gem:

"Unfortunately there are those who see this issue as an opportunity to play politics. The need for Social Security reform is an important issue for all Americans, not just for those who yell the loudest."

The problem isn't that John Sweeney isn't yelling the loudest, the problem is that he refuses to speak on the issue AT ALL. And yes, this is political. Bush made it political, go talk to him if you've got a problem with that. Or talk to the voters.