Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Influenced by Lobbyists

And now, Comedic Moments in NY State Assembly history.

There have been ridiculous amounts of money thrown around to try to get 5 new casinos in the Catskills. Joe Bruno’s kid is a lobbyist for one of the tribes looking to get a casino. This is a big money game. And of course the existing area casinos like Turning Stone are lobbying hard to not let the new casinos be approved. These people are in the gambling business. They understand these things. They’d really prefer to corner the market on taking stupid people’s money. Which brings us to Republican Senator John Bonacic. He “alleged that Assembly Democrats are being influenced by lobbyists”. I wasn’t there so I’m not sure how this went over. But I’m assuming there was a brief moment of silence and then a lot of laughter as all of the assembly members enjoyed this comment while lovingly stroking their wallets.
And for the money quote:

"More money is spent on gambling than on elementary and secondary education."

(Christianity Today, 11/25/91)