Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Human Rights in Albany County

A bill to amend Albany County law to extend civil rights protections to transgender individuals was withdrawn yesterday because it had no chance of passing. The bill was introduced by Albany's 6th district representative John Frederick:

"I'm disappointed we couldn't convince 20 legislators (needed for passage) that amending the county's Human Rights Law to protect this vulnerable group of citizens is the right thing to do"

Against the bill? The Association of Politically Active Christians. Spokeschristian Bill Carlson:

"Our problem with this bill was that it would have created special rights for people based on lifestyle choices"

What kinds of "special rights" are we talking about? Well, how about having the special right to not be discriminated against when trying to rent an apartment or get a job? Those are the special rights that the Association of Politically Active Christians don't think transgender people should have.

I can think of some special rights that people have due to "lifestyle choices"? I know someone who chose to have a baby and she got paid leave from work. Can you beat that? I had to keep going to work and she got paid to stay home?! I hope APAC gets on the case of all these people gaming the system by having babies and getting special treatment.