Wednesday, March 30, 2005


In the next few weeks or so this site will be changing location and format to offer more comprehensive services. Depending on how much magic I can conjure this should mean:

  • A Campaign 2005 section to serve as a resource for all of Albany's races this year.
  • Some way of separating Albany city specific stories from NY specific stories (let me know if this is currently a problem)
  • The ability to have online polls.
  • The ability to have people "join" the site and add their own content and stories in a Diaries section. This also will allow candidates to join the conversation about their races.

And whatever else might be useful. This should make the site better and also get it off of Blogger which has become an increasingly frustrating tool to use if you update regularly.

For whatever reason, you people keep coming back to this site. Hopefully this will make it better.