Friday, March 25, 2005

Getting Loud!!

Just for the record, I am not Betsy Mercogliano. But I'll put her on staff anytime she wants to come aboard. Her letter to the editor is in the TU today and its got the good stuff.

"My deep concern: This mayor and city administration do not have a record of helping citizens create livable neighborhoods. Why should anyone believe that they will start now?"

"Shame on this administration for wasting our housing resources, then having the audacity to suggest now to bulldoze them to make more transient housing, all at the expense of the people who already live in that neighborhood."

"It is time for this city administration, this mayor, to get a lot more creative in order to rebuild livable neighborhoods in Albany so that in 20 years we are not putting the wrecking ball to another eminent domain project gone sour (like the public housing towers being wrecked in the South End). This was and still is not urban renewal but urban removal at its worst."

The only thing I have to add to this is that the Mayor has shown us his approach for 11 years. Let's not delude ourselves into thinking he will change. He needs to go if we are going to start to fix our neighborhoods.