Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Gangs in Albany

From the TU:

"The fact is, we have a gang problem in this city," Soares said.

"We have to get away from the attitude that it's the teachers' job, or the police's job. It's our job. And not taking steps to remedy it is foolish....I don't want to see police outside middle schools. I want to see families. ... "

So, everyone knows we have a gang problem in Albany. Hell, there is a link to the Gang Prevention Center off of the home page of the City's web site. But the Mayor refuses to acknowledge a problem. Which brings me back to a bit I wrote last October when the Mayor was saying there were no gang problems. The money quote from Gangwar.com:

"Politicians often fear they'll be blamed for the problem. (Citizens) have to make it clear to the leadership, 'We don't blame you for this. But we will blame you for this if you don't do something about it.' "

Ok, citizens, get to work.