Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gangs in Albany

Back on October 29th I mentioned how Mayor Jennings was denying there were any gang problems in Albany.

He was trying to calm a radio caller that was complaining about the graffiti that she thought represented gang activity. Mayor Jennings told her that there were not gangs in Albany and that these kids were just graffiti artists. Sue protested, the Mayor again said there was “no formalized gang activity…and if there is I’ll be the first to admit it”

Fast forward to the present. Hopefully it won’t take much more of these types of situations for the Mayor to “admit” there is a problem. I know Archie Goodbee has said he thinks there is a problem.

According to the TU a "13-year-old student with a punctured lung was interviewed Wednesday by city police in his bed at Albany Medical Center Hospital. The teen, whose name was not made public, was found bleeding on the sidewalk on Henry Johnson Boulevard near police headquarters about 3:40 p.m."

Four teenagers were stabbed in broad daylight near the police headquarters. What did the kids have to say about this?

"It was gang relations," said a 12-year-old, who identified the competing groups by the names OGK and Jungle Junkies. Several other students also cited those names.

“Tell OGK, don’t come to the ‘hood,” said one girl

How about it Mayor?