Friday, March 25, 2005

Friends of the Madison

Back on January 11th we had the following in a column by Paul Bray.

"Fortunately, neighborhood groups are organizing to save the Madison and the "walking style of neighborhood" threatened by a drive-through and expanded parking. Their vigorous opposition is driven in part by active professionals who have recently moved into Albany and don't accept top-down governance from City Hall."

Well now we all owe the Friends of Madison a big Thank You. Someone bought the theatre and plans to reopen it this summer as a theatre, not as CVS pharmacy. The Friends of the Madison realized that they couldn't rely on City Hall to help with their neighborhood. If you want to know why, just talk to Betsy Mercogliano. They organized, raised awareness, worked...and got results. In a properly run city this wouldn't be necessary. Butit is in Albany, for now. I look forward to walking to the movies again. It's a start. Thanks.