Thursday, March 17, 2005

Colonie, Pretend Subpoenas, Real Lawsuits

“I wouldn’t call it a “mistake” for the town to use pretend subpoenas to secretly access somebody’s home computer account… and to then use that information to ruin two careers is unacceptable”. Kevin Luibrand, Attorney for the two Colonie Paramedics

Pretend subpoenas! The Albany police department recently used some off those too for the same reason. Than the Police Chief lied to cover it up. Then he got caught and apologized. Supposedly that is good enough in Albany.

Not in Colonie. They town is saying they made mistakes. The town supervisor issued a 10 page apology/explanation. That’s all well and good unless you were the one that lost your job. The two paramedics in Colonie are going to be suing the city for their illegal behavior. They both lost their jobs over this, reputations were tarnished, etc. Remember that lawsuit in Albany about the police commander that lost his job because he supposedly was trying to put an end to department corruption? He’s suing the city of Albany to the tune of $6 million. I’d say Colonie has an expensive problem on their hands.