Monday, March 14, 2005

Chartock and Jennings

Here you go. Alan Chartock interviews the Mayor. Take a listen. It's a nice campaign commercial. For example:

ALAN: "You have to run all the departments is that hard, for example, is running the police department tough?"

MAYOR JENNINGS: "Challenge, it's a challenge but we have a great department"

And then no follow up. No questions about the recent troubles with the Police Department. The Chief admitted to lying THIS week. Don't you think that might be a relevant question?! This guy runs a show called the Media Project! But it was on to the next softball from there. Easy lobs from Alan with the Mayor smacking them out of the park with cookie cutter answers. How about this question where Alan asks it and then gives an answer himself?

ALAN: In the old days you would have to be a registered Democrat to get a job in the city... are those days gone?

The Mayor agreed with Alan and said yes, yes they were gone.

By the end of the 7 minutes I was thinking of voting for the Mayor myself. Apparently there are two more segments coming in the future. Stay tuned.