Friday, March 18, 2005

Challenger - 14th Ward Common Council

Check out the Inside Politics column this week. The 14th ward is going to have a race this year. Michael Whalen will challenge Joseph Igoe. Let's break this down:

The challenger Michael Whalen:

Oddly familiar name.

Quote: "I get the sense that we're on the cusp of making it or breaking it as a city, and I think it's time for independent voices"

And the incumbent Joseph Igoe:

8 years ago he campaigned on the topic of terms limits. Don't expect that as part of his platform this time.

He supports Mayor Jerry Jennings.

Quote: "Do I see eye to eye with him on everything? No," Igoe said. "But do I think he's doing a good job? Yes."

And for the "No, I'm not making this up section"

Michael Brown reportedly called all the other members of the common council "cockroaches". Apparently this was due to them not allowing him to burn through our tax payer money for his own political purposes by using it for mailings. I'd have to think this guy might be getting a challenger for office. And for some reason I'd really like to see the Chapelle Show do a skit on the Albany Common Council with Dave Chappelle as Michael Brown. "Cockroaches!"