Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bruno, Silver vs The Cynics

More comedy to cheer up a gray Albany morning. Imagine failing for 20 years at something and then bragging about finally getting it done....before its done.

Here, let me try:

ME: My book has been published! I'm on the best sellers list! I'm the greatest! Take that Hemingway...you punk!

ANYONE: Wow. Can I get a copy?

ME: Copy? No. I only have one. And it has all my edits in it. I guess if you want to take it to Kinko's and pay for the copies you can have one.

Now, let the New York Legislature try:

"We have got a damn budget done” Joe Bruno

“It’s a testament to the Legislature” Bruno

“Success has many fathers” Silver

ME: Wow, great! Can I get a copy?

“Legislative leaders acknowledged that their budget was missing $1.4 billion….including $1.1 billion for programs for poor and needy familes”

“the governor also has not signed on to the Legislature’s plan for an $840 million increase in school aid”

Hmm...sort of sounds like my book.

Regardless, "Bruno and Silver were in good moods. They criticized “cynics” who suspected the two chambers wouldn’t get the budget done on time”.

I feel criticized. I'm sorry Joe and Shelly. You're right. After 20 years of abysmal failure, we should all pretend you are doing your jobs at the absolutely lowest standard since you've never been able to even reach that bar. Maybe we could be the "second worst legislature" in the country this year. Then we could really criticize some cynics. And now a word from our future Governor:

"The assumption that Albany is broken is absolutely correct — and we need to fix that, if we don't reform the trilateral arrangement, we will have failed New York state."