Monday, March 07, 2005

Big Brother Is Watching

Someone asked me if it would be possible for anyone to figure out who the person behind this blog was and my reply was, "not without breaking the law". Since I'm not committing any crimes (other than those related to punctuation and grammar) any method to find out my identity would be illegal. So, this story is a bit disconcerting. Here is the lead line.

"When someone sent anonymous e-mails to Supervisor Mary Brizzell complaining of misconduct in the Emergency Medical Services department, the town went after the whistle-blowers. "

From there it goes into the details of some shady subpoenas:

"The subpoenas were premised on a crime that didn't happen and enabled officials to sift through two paramedics' private e-mail accounts without their knowledge, much less their consent. "

And the conclusion is that the paramedics lost their jobs. Apparently things have been fast and loose when it comes to subpoenas around the county. The good news is that D.A. Soares says he is going to change things.

"There is no (monitoring) system in place," Soares said. "There was no internal controls. ... Civil liberties can be violated."

Can be and were.