Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bad Lieutenant

Seems like our Lieutenant Governor Mary Donohue might have trouble meeting some residency requirements in the near future. It appears that although she is getting paid $151,500 to show up at work, she doesn't do that. The word is she thought Pataki was going to step down (perhaps for one of those Bush appointments?) and she would inherit the top job. Once it became clear that wasn't happening, she has been spending more time at her house in Cape Cod, MA than here in sunny Albany. And apparently she's even headed to the beach when she had promised to stay in the state. Now you are probably saying, "well, what does the Lt. Gov do anyway?"

The job "has only one legally mandated responsibility: to preside over state Senate sessions.
But official records show she's missed nearly half of them this year — appearing on the rostrum on only 16 of 29 session days"

I guess we can be pretty sure Mary isn't thinking of running for Governor. Which really leaves only one open question for this installment of Living Large While Wasting Your Tax Payer Dollars. Does she get a car and driver with this job AND has she been using that car to get to Cape Cod?