Monday, March 07, 2005


Some have questioned why I don't put my name on what I write on this blog. Perhaps I'm a coward? Perhaps. My first response is that I'd prefer for the ideas on it to stand alone without being associated with the writer. If you know who I am, it changes your view of the ideas presented here. If you know who I am you can say, "Oh, its Bob, he's never liked the Mayor since that time he was golfing with Jerry and Jerry took certain liberties with the scorecard". So I prefer to keep it just to the ideas, not the personalities involved. The other reason of course is that I know people. And some of them I like. And in this small political town things get around. Like this. This guy's wife had a problem at work and Pataki had him fired just for kicks. If you want to talk about cowardice, I think this is it. Being in power and firing people to "punish" them for their associations or their beliefs or their criticism is just pathetic and cowardly. And I think the majority of the population is sick of it. Is it any wonder Spitzer is so popular? So I'll remain anonymous because of the people that I know and respect.