Sunday, March 27, 2005

Albany Convention Center...Silence?

Interesting column from Fred Lebrun today. He has no real news to report, just his comments on the lack of news or forward momentum on the Albany Covention Center project. Lebrun appears to have talked to Mayor Jennings who reported that "names for potential [convention center] authority members will be submitted to Pataki this week". So the Mayor and Assemblyman Jack McEneny assure us that things are moving forward. But Lebrun doesn't seem to be buying it. Lots of speculation from Lebrun that the silence around this project doesn't bode well for it. As you may know, I think that bodes well for the citizens of Albany. I'm willing to bet (just not at a Casino in the Catskills) that Pataki has other things on his mind these days. And finally, to Lebrun's money quote:

"Still unresolved is the issue of where all the money[for the convention center] is coming from."