Friday, February 18, 2005

WROW - Albany Mayor Jennings

In case you don't have the time to tune in to Albany Mayor Jennings' radio show here is a handy Cliff's Notes version for you. This is what you would've learned on any of the shows for the past 6 weeks:

1) That this show tells the "real story about our city" which he doesn't think you can get anywhere else.
2) The Mayor will say he is positive and he doesn't like negative people.
3) He will repeatedly mention that being Mayor is "hard work" and that he works "24/7" and that it is not an easy job.
4) He is willing to "discuss" his record with anyone. However, he never actually does this.
5) A woman named Gloria will call and say she is praying for him.
6) The Mayor will say that it will be bad for someone else to come in and run the city. He claims there is too much going on as result of his great leadership and having someone else come in at this time would disrupt this progress

Number 6 is interesting. This is another recent Republican strategy that the Mayor has adopted. He is saying it would be "dangerous" or "bad" for the city if we changed the adminstration. You don't want to change horses in mid-stream. While this is a good argument for him to make (it worked for Bush) it is another example of why we need term limits. If the Mayor truly cared for the well being of the city he would manage it in a way where a change in adminstration wouldn't have a negative impact. Our city's fate shouldn't be dependent on one person. If we had term limits politicians would have to at least work on some succession planning. If there were term limits he would not be able to use this argument and we could have our politicians having meaningful discussion about the policies that will affect the city as opposed to using these scare tactics and avoiding any real political discussion.