Friday, February 11, 2005

WROW - Albany Mayor Jennings

So last night was a historic night in Albany politics and Mayor Jennings and the Albany Democratic Machine took another significant blow. What was the Mayor saying today on his radio show:

"we're in this thing together"

"we need to continue to work together"

Seems like we're one big happy family now. Working together! I think the "continue" part might be a bit of revisionist history but...

So about those citizens that would like to have some voice in the city Government? Are they going to be allowed to "work together" to find solutions for the city? Let's wait and see if we get a legitimate challenger to the Mayor and then I think we might see a little more space at the table for concerned citizens that would like to "find solutions, not create problems". But really that makes sense. You want to ease into your democracy, not jump right into it after its been absent so long.