Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Syracuse Convention Center to us - Little help?

Turns out the Mayor of Syracuse isn't confident that his convention center is going to make money. I wonder where he got that idea. So, here is the deal - they will go forward with their convention center expansion IF the state guarantees $15 million in payment to them. That will guarantee the center "makes money" for the Syracuse area tax payers. The Mayor says this will be "good for local tax payers". He doesn't mention the rest of us who are going to have to chip in that $15 million. But there is another catch...

There is a pool of money set aside by the State for "Convention Centers" in upstate. The Syracuse people are coming to Albany this week to make their case for $15 million of that money. But....that is Gerry's money!! Gerry wants to build a convention center in upstate and his isn't going to "make money" either so he needs that cash. This is the same Gerry who is good friends with George who gets to hand out the cash. I love a good money fight. Let's Go Orange! Go get 'em Gerry! Stay tuned.