Friday, February 18, 2005

Republican Lite?

We all know how Mayor Jennings likes to endorse Republicans and fund raise for them. And how he uses the Republican approach of attacking anyone that criticizes him for anything. Well directly on the heels of the Whitehouse "fake reporter asking softball questions" scandal the Mayor tries his hand at that tactic as well. At the Albany Roundtable it is standard practice for guest speakers to respond to written questions from the audience. Everyone does that except for Mayor Jennings. I thought this was the Mayor that would "welcome a discussion" on his record? Not likely. So instead of written questions Mayor Jennings insists he gets to choose the questions from the audience. What sort of questions did he get?

1) Someone wanted to know if he was related to Jeopardy Champ Ken Jennings.
2) Someone wanted to know if he planned to stay in office longer than Mayor Corning did?

Newly announced candidate for Mayor Archie Goodbee weighed in on that second question yesterday.