Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Pataki vs. Minarik

I think George Pataki's approval rating might have just gone up a point in my book. He isn't willing to stoop to Rovian depths like the NY State Republican Chairman Stephen Minarik. While this is a small achievement, it is something. Minarik recently said that the Democratic party was the party of terrorist supporters like Lynne Stewart. Pataki said this was

"not in the realm of appropriate political discourse"

Those are some words you'll never hear from Karl Rove. So when Mr. Minarik took the job he said to save money he wasn't going to have a media person. I'm not sure what is funnier, that it is blatantly obvious that he needs a media person more than anyone or that a Bush Republican wanted to try to be fiscally conservative?

And the best part is that Minarik is standing by what he said and is "dismissing the criticism". Keep digging that hole, Stephen.