Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Not Staying Home to Bake Cookies

Libby Pataki is a highly paid consultant (of sorts). She is a busy lady. Of course she has a maid. What's the big story? Remember when the first George Bush went shopping as a photo op and he was spooked by the product scanner at the check out line? He had never seen one. When you are part of the ruling class you don't mingle with the masses unless its a photo op. Occasional good friend of the Pataki's,Chancellor King, has his own tax payer funded driver. These people hang out together. They UNDERSTAND that you don't pay for anything that you can get the tax payers to pay for. Does your friend need a huge chunk of real estate worth millions? Give it to him for $30,000. Is it illegal for corporations to donate more than $5000 a year to politicians in NY? Ha, set up a bank account in Virginia and let them donate away. Makes it a lot easier to figure out who should win those big construction projects. Want to have a "prayer breakfast" at work to raise money for the Lord? Encourage all your employees to attend and give and then punish any that speak out against it. And then blame any criticism as being "politically motivated". It works for the Governor. It works for Mayor Jennings. And the checks keep rolling in. I can hear the laughter in the halls of power. Maybe the Pataki's will offer to pay the money back. They are laughing because $50,000 is so insignificant to them that it amuses them that anyone cares about this. The Governor has driven NY State $46.9 Billion into debt. He doesn't care about that because its not his debt, its ours. They aren't laughing with us, they are laughing at us. The bigger deal we make out of a $50,000 maid, the more we are distracted from the real corruption.