Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Hot Career - Election Commissioner

More rumblings about making the position of Election Commissioner in Albany a full time job. It's always been a part time job for a salary of $33,661 a year. But, with all the interest in elections these days they now want to make it a full time job and pay somewhere north of $80,000 a year. You might want to see who you know and get that resume polished up fast. There are reportedly ten people in line for the job already. So why the new full time job that requires a 60% raise?

[there will be new machines] "and I believe the responsibility will fall on the county to store them and take them to various voting places" Frank Commisso, Leader of the County Legislature

Note to Frank: Please find out if this is actually true before you hire someone full time to do it. Believing something is a good start, but KNOWING the facts makes me feel a bit better.

So once a year you need to move some machines around and for the rest of the year you need to store them and for that you only get $80,000?