Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mr. Minarik - Out of Control Enough for You?

On Valentine's Day Stephen Minarik woke up an unknown state republican party chairman. And he made some rather foolish remarks about Howard Dean saying he was "out of control" and also mentioned that the Democratic Party is a party associated with terrorists. And now Dean is calling for an apology or for Minarik to resign. Is that "out of control" enough for you, Mr. Minarik?

George Pataki couldn't get Minarik to apologize for the remarks, let's see if Dean can. I'm betting Minarik takes one of the two options Dean has given him.

PS. This really is funny coming from a guy that is on a losing team with zero prospects for improvement. It reminds me of when Stephon Marbury said he was the best point guard in the NBA. And then the Knicks lost 10 games in a row. We don't hear much from Stephon Marbury anymore. And 2 years from now when it is Spitzer, Schumer, and Clinton in charge in NY I'm sure we won't hear much from this nutjob.

PSS. I think its pretty clear Steve Nash is the best point guard in basketball and that Eliot Spitzer is the current Steve Nash of NY Politics. Mr. Minarik, please, PLEASE do your best to convince George Pataki to run for re-election. Please.