Sunday, February 06, 2005

More Racism?

So we've got the racist elected official in Nassau. He makes some anti Semitic remarks in a public forum and then gives a half assed apology. Fire him. Vote him out. Wake him up.

And then before the story is even dead(see letters to the editor) we get a nice piece by a white Jewish reporter basically chastising Donovan McNabb for saying its a big deal that he's a black quarterback in the Superbowl. He's only the third black quarterback in history to play in the superbowl. It wasn't long ago that there were no black quarterbacks. It wasn't a question of skill. It was pure racsim. And we get this article and the TU makes this reporter's chastising of McNabb the big cover story in the Sports section. He [Brian Etkin] is trying to say that racism is a thing of the past and McNabb should let it be. He goes so far as to say "I don't think of what Rush Limbaugh said". You don't? ! Shame on you. Last year Rush Limbaugh said that McNabb was overrated and only got praise because he was black. Last fucking year!!!! Sure he was on drugs but he still got fired. But Mr. Etkin would "argue that we've progressed". Really? Have you been to Nassau, Brian? He'd like to think he's "colorblind". If you were so colorblind, Mr Etkin, you would've written a different story. One worth reading. Shame on you.