Monday, February 21, 2005

Minarik to Stay?

Apparently I'm not the only person that wants NY Republican Chairman to stick around. An unnamed "high ranking democrat" has told the Democratic Party Spokesmen to stop calling for Minarik's resignation (scroll to the bottom of the page for the article). Let's keep him around so he can continue doing business as usual like....

"Minarik — rebuked by Gov. Pataki for his statement — is still refusing to release details of the $50,000-plus in reimbursements paid to Michelle Stubbs, the $50,000-a-year servant the GOP is providing to the governor's wife, Libby. "

And in case you are a Pataki supporter like Mr. Minarik you might want to buy a copy of Libby's children's book because as Libby says, "George and I really need the money". The Pataki's made over $500,000 last year. Plus they have a live in maid paid for by the Republican party. And they "need the money?". Is it any wonder our state is in finanical dire straits if the Pataki's can't manage to exist on a half million a year?