Saturday, February 26, 2005

Minarik, "I See Red People"

Our old friend Stephen Minarik is in the paper today. Republican Leader Sees Victories. So who will be your candidates in these victorious campaigns, Mr. Minarik?

"I'm not interested in playing the speculation game. I know the news media likes to do that".

Hey, Stevie, its not just the news media. A couple of weeks ago you were the speculation game champ. Remember when you speculated that you'd like Rudy to challenge Hillary? Now do you remember?

And in case you were wondering how the Republicans are going to run their campaigns Mr. Minarik tips his hand a bit. Apparently Eliot Spitzer is a "job killer" and Hillary is the reason there are no jobs in upstate NY. Really? What about the guy that has been Governor for the last 11 years? Care to speculate on his impact on jobs in the state?