Friday, February 18, 2005


So NY State Republican Chairperson Stephen Minarik says that the democratic party is the party of terrorist supporters because someone that was a registered democrat (according to him, this hasn't been verified) got convicted of a crime and thus the rest of us Democrats are guilty by association. I guess no Republicans have ever committed crimes because if they ever had that would make them the party get the point. This guy's reasoning is ridiculous. But he is standing by it. And what is his proof? He has a picture of this woman Lynne Stewart who was convicted of aiding a terrorist and the pictures shows her at a Democratic rally standing next to Jesse Jackson. Ok. But the problem is, that isn't her in the picture. It's Leslie Cagan, of United for Peace and Justice. Uh Mr. Minarik going to say that means that the Democratic Party is the party of Peace and Justice?!! The ironic part is that he probably would find it insulting to be called the party of Peace and Justice, so perhaps he might.

"Not exactly a Kodak moment for Chairman Minarik, is it?" said Democratic National Committee spokesman Josh Earnest.

So is Mr. Minarik apologizing or backing away from his statement? Not at all. Full speed ahead for Minarik. Keep digging that hole! All I can say is Mr. Pataki, I really hope you keep this guy around for the next 2 years. Ride that pony!! Mr. Minarik, PLEASE apologize instead of resigning. We'd really love to have you around for as long as possible.