Thursday, February 03, 2005

John Sweeney and Your Retirement

Looks like some of our New York Republicans are going to be the focal point of a lot of pressure from both sides. On one side you have the president lying and trying to scare the public into agreeing to let him destroy social security. On the other side you have the people of NY and the country. And the people are going to want to know what John Sweeny (R-NY) stands on the issue. John, you are either with us or against us? So which is it?

Want to learn what John had to say about the State of the Union? Here is a highlight.

"It's clear that if we do nothing, future retirees and workers will face either massive benefit cuts or massive tax increases. While this is just the beginning of what should be a lengthy and spirited debate, the President did an excellent job of articulating his position and moving the discussion forward. "

Seems like John is against us on this one. John is up for reelection in '06. I'm betting he might start to change his mind after some "spirited debate".

If he represents you, contact him with any questions.

And at the end of his press release, he chastises the "obstructionists". He does this of course because that is a Republican buzz word for anyone that opposes their views. Right Mayor Jennings (R -NY)?