Friday, February 04, 2005

Job Openings

The night of David Soares primary victory Helen Desfosses declared that in the next election every seat would be challenged. Apparently she was including her seat as common council president. Some are surprised. Personally I think it makes a lot of sense. Do the math:

Libby Pataki: $350,000 a year plus a maid
Chancellor King: $250,000 plus $90,000 for rent, plus car and driver
The woman that buys the county's salt: $60-$75,000
Libby Pataki's maid: $50,000
Libby Pataki's maid's kid:$41,871 (athletic activities assistant - umm - he picks up basketballs after practice? Hey, they're your tax dollars.)
Part time election commissioner: $33,661
Common Council President: $29,162

She wants to "refocus her priorities". I'm cool with that as long as she isn't going for that "athletic activities assistant" job. That is mine!