Friday, February 25, 2005

Inaccessible Mayor Jennings -Live on WROW

Federal Laws be damned! The people need to hear Mayor Jennings and only Mayor Jennings. So the radio show will continue. And things started to heat up a little today.

The Mayor apparently didn't like the recent criticism that he is inaccessible to the public. He now refers to himself as "The Inaccessible Mayor Jennings". In my opinion, no matter what side you are on, this is funny. A bipartisian joke. I'm not sure he meant it that way though.

The Mayor, and one of his callers in particular, are saying they aren't going to let "outsiders" take over the city. This is good. Scare the people into thinking "outsiders" are taking over the city. I think this tactic will work to motivate his base and it probably is a smart move politically. However, I live in the city (but I wasn't born here so perhaps I'm an outsider). And I'm pretty sure that the city will be taken over but it will be by "insiders" like me that are ready for some change. Beware the Insiders! And in case you are wondering the caller identified "Soares" as an outsider. Soares got more than half the vote in the democratic primary IN the city of Albany. I'm thinking us Insiders might be a force to be reckoned with. As self appointed official Insider Spokesmen I will also say that we welcome Outsiders and any people that want to move to the city and invest in it.

Ironically a little while later a caller that said he'd been living in the city "only a couple of months" and asked Mayor Jennings about why the city was so bicycle unfriendly and this raised the Mayor's ire a bit and the Mayor said, "why don't you get involved? Just because you are new doesn't mean you can't get involved". I don't know. Are we sure we want this Outsider getting involved?

And for those of you that like what the Mayor has been doing you are in luck. He was pretty clear about one thing:

"I'm not changing my style"