Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Great Pataki Pile On

Front page news on the Times Union about the Pataki's recent trouble. Apparently now that George isn't doing so well it is safe to "pile on" the Governor. If you want to know what might be troubling the Governor you can take this handy quiz. No need for me to pile on any of the Governor's other troubles at this point. But Libby's....

The article misses two other problems Libby has right now.

1) Apparently she may have "borrowed" the idea for the "New Yorkie" terrier in her book. Her lawyers have agreed she won't borrow it anymore.

2) But who the hell cares about this when you are an artist. It is the work that matters. What must really hurt is having your work savaged in the press. According to this review Libby has her main character say, "Of course, we only wear faux (which is French for fake) fur. I think faux fur is a million billion times better than real fur."

I wonder if Madison/Libby think faux jobs are a million billion times better than real jobs? In her case they certainly appear to pay better.