Sunday, February 06, 2005

Great Pataki Canal Giveaway Scandal...Update

Now I know the Governor is a boring speaker. I'm keenly aware of that. As a general rule I try not to remember anything he says. But...I don't have personal interaction with him and I've never spoken to him in the last few months about his many scandals and his apparent lack of ethics. But imagine if you had...

You: Governor, this canal thing is bad. It was a crime. We need to withold the evidence.

Governor: When I'm president I'm going to fire Hillary Clinton.

You: Good idea. But Sir, the papers, they show you are guilty, we must withold them.

Governor: Yes, of course. You know I heard the democrats were going to resurrect Dean. Fools. I'll fire him too.

You: Thank you, sir.

Now imagine you are Executive Director of the Thruway Authority like Michael Fleischer (work with me here). Its been a while since you had this conversation. And you spent the time drinking heavily due to the fact that you broke the law and lie a lot these days but it was a conversation with the Governor about a CRIME. To the TU for the story:

During the Dec. 21, 2004, hearing, Brodsky asked Fleischer whether he had spoken to the governor about "withholding documents" related to the Canal Corp. and Hutchens deal.
Fleischer responded, "In terms of what documents go or not?"

"Yes," Brodsky replied.

"I don't recall," Fleischer said.

Really, Mikey? I'm pretty sure you are lying. The only plausible argument would be "I've had so many damn conversations with the Governor about scandals and breaking the law that I can't keep them straight". I'm sure that canal document discussion is pretty much burned into your cortex regardless of how many double scotches you down to try to make it go away. Republican Values. Oxymoron?

And while were at it, Brodsky for Attorney General.