Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Convention Center Radio Show

Here is a radio interview with the author of the Brookings Institute report. It is on a show called "Smart City". Check it out. You need Real Player.

Choice Quote:

"If we sat down and seriously considered where else we might invest those kind of public dollars...then I think we'd get a pretty different answer about the merit and worth of this type of investment."

And then they talk to that guy's boss. He is an expert on developing city economies. If you give a hoot about this stuff at all, its worth your 15 minutes. He repeatedly stresses that the ultimate goal of any investment should be to "attract and retain a talented workforce". He points out that convention centers aren't a very good way to do this. I highly recommend any local politicians listen to this and steal all his ideas. You'd get my vote.

And look, they are hiring at the Oncenter in Syracuse! Who knew there are no educational requirements to get a job as a dishwasher?