Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bruno Friends and Family Savings Plan

Commissioner William Gorman ($120,800 a year) is resigning less than two years into the job. Tough times on hand for the Gorman family. His daughter, who works as a podiatrist, had to recently resign the part time job he gave her for $55,670 a year (Sorry, this was a one time offer and the job opening will not be filled in her absence). Sure she still has her full time job as a doctor but you can get used to that extra $55K a year really quickly. To the money quote:

"The dust-up over Gorman's daughter coincided with the resignation from OASAS of Bruno's brother, Robert Bruno, from his $127,500-a-year job as deputy commissioner. The move came amid intense scrutiny over unusual financial dealings at the state-funded treatment program he oversaw."

Asked for a quote Mr. Bruno said, "If it wasn't for you pesky kids and that damn intense scrutiny we could've gotten away with this"