Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Archie Goodbee - The New Media

So the word is that Mayor Jennings will keep his radio show for a while and Archie Goodbee won't get equal time until he is an "official candidate". I thought Mayor Jennings "welcomes discussion" about his record? He does, but it has to be one sided. And during that discussion he gets to call you "kid" (I'm not sure if that is left over from his teaching days but does anyone else find that wildly out of place and disrespectful? Calling other adults "kid"? Know anyone else that does that?)

A suggestion to Mr. Goodbee. Get a website and start blogging. Or just start a blog. It's free. Let us know what you think. Listen to the Mayor's radio show and write a response to what he says. Tell us what you think about the Park South plan. On the Mayor's radio show this week they said that you had lots of big plans but that you didn't say how you were going to "do" any of this. They are attacking you. Tell us how you are going to do it. Eliot Spitzer has a blog and he isn't running until 06. Use this new free form of communication. Don't wait.