Saturday, February 26, 2005

Albany Voter Fraud - Gilkey and the 5th

So the voter fraud case gets an interesting development. James Gilkey who has previously admitted that he, along with Common Council member Michael Brown, had diverted 160 absentee ballots appears to have had a visit from the Men In Black. In his deposition as part of a Federal lawsuit he invoked the 5th Amendment 60 times. Kind of tricky to invoke the 5th when you've already admitted to the wrongdoing previously. Bet he spends a lot of time thinking about that conundrum. Mr. Gilkey claims the lawsuits were "bogus from the start". Again, the Dismissing the Allegations as Bogus tactic really isn't that strong when you've already previously admitted you broke the law.

So why is Gilkey so forgetful? Mr. Aaron Mair is reported as saying that:

"Mr Gilkey's sudden memory loss is a clear indication of criminal coverup at the highest levels".

That wouldn't go over so well in an election year. Talk about campaign issues. I think Mr. Brown will probably hear about this during the campaign as it is.