Friday, January 28, 2005

WROW - Mayor Jennings!

Quiz time:

On today's radio show at one point a caller chose to be somewhat critical of the Mayor and the city. The Mayor declared,

"Everybody better chill out a little bit here"

We didn't hear any more from the caller. So, what was the Mayor referring to?

1) Criticism of the plans for the new convention center
2) Criticism of the snow removal on streets and sidewalks
3) Criticism of his inability to make it get warm and rain to remove the snow like he did last week.
4) More "monday morning quarterbacking" from people that "don't really care about the city like he does".
5) Another complaint about the high taxes in Albany.
6) The concept of criticism.

Guess away! The winner gets a free CD of 2004-2005 radio show highlights. This really is a must have (especially if you are the Mayor of Saratoga). Today Mayor Jennings told a caller that the Mayor of Saratoga, "doesn't have any juice". Damn! Remember when Biggie said that about Tupac? We know how that one turned out.