Friday, January 21, 2005

Unique - Like Jackson, Mississipi Unique?

So Mayor Jennings says that Albany is "unique" and thus the Brookings Institute report (you should really read it) that says convention centers are a really bad investment for cities doesn't apply.

As noted earlier Anchorage Alaska had a very similar response and dismissed the report saying they were "unique". But Jackson, Mississippi? I never knew THEY were unique. Apparently they think so. I guess they've never been to Albany. Their defense:

"Convention center supporters say Jackson's plan is unique tying the Mississippi Telecommunications Training and Conference Center into the project."

Well, they do have that on us. Damn. The Mississippi Telecommunications Training....I think they might be uniquer. You be the judge. Wonder if anyone else thinks their city is "unique" in its ability to support a convention center? Stay tuned.