Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sound Bites, Brain Cells and the D.A.

The "What A Week" Column in the Metroland weighs in on the Soares uproar with some spot on remarks. I especially like the bolded part.

"When District Attorney David Soares said on his way out of a meeting that we should recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of young drug dealers by helping them start businesses, anyone with two brain cells to rub together could tell he meant legitimate businesses, not storefront drug operations. Anyone, that is, except most of the local media outfits, which repeated the quote ad nauseum in outrage."

I pretty much said the same thing earlier this week.

The only part of the column I disagree with is the part about Soares not being good at soundbites. In a debate during the campaign for DA we were subjected to listening to Paul Clyne go on about all the reasons why he was qualified to be DA. Soares listened and responded,

"That's an impressive resume, why don't you send it to me on November 3rd".

I think that is one of the best sound bites of the last year.