Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Soares Remarks

So there is lots of hype over some comments the DA made. Do I bet Soares wishes he has chosen his words a little more wisely? Something along the lines of "these kids don't have any opportunities so they take the only one they can find - dealing drugs. Let's try to take the time and effort they spend on dealing drugs and give them other opportunties to apply that where it has a positive impact on the community".

Do people have a problem with that? If so, then I guess the circus at WGY is justified. Do people think there is no hope for anyone who has committed a crime to get back on the right path if given the right opportunity? I didn't hear them voicing their opposition when a certain convicted felon was given the Washington Avenue Armory as a "second chance"? Where was the moral outrage over that story?

I can think of a lot of comments by elected officials that I find a lot more offensive in the past 2 weeks that haven't gotten anywhere near the coverage of this one. Read through the posts from the past few weeks and you'll see what I mean.

How about a story by one or more of our leading papers about the kids on Clinton Avenue? Let's see what opportunties they have. I'd be interested in reading that.