Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Over Before It Begins?

News 9 checks in with McEneny and Desfosses to see what they think about a challenge to Mayor Jennings in this year's election.

"Both McEneny and Desfosses said there will be a challenger, but whoever that may be will have little chance of beating the three-term mayor."

I remember when they said that about Soares and Clyne.

McEneny says that there are no issues to challenge the Mayor on but part of the reason for that is he agrees that the Convention Center is a great idea for Albany so he doesn't see that as an issue. Many people disagree. So, here are some issues people care about:

Convention Center means Higher Taxes for Albany County Citizens.

Mayor Jennings has failed to endorse the last two prominent black Democratic candidates (McCall and Soares) and crossed party lines to do so.

Jennings repeatedly criticized the Working Families Party during the Soares election. On Saturday in Albany Elliot Spitzer welcomed the WFP's endorsement for his run for Governor and praised them as achieving the two most important steps of the past year (Rockerfeller Drug Reform, Increase in Minimum Wage). Can a Democratic Candidate really be against what the WFP stands and fights for?

Jennings endorsed Pataki.

Jennings wanted to tear down the Wellington, then he didn't, then he wanted to take down part, now he is changing his tune again. This problem developed on his watch.

From the Federal Audit to Scaringe shooting there is certainly a need for further improvement in the Police Dept.

Perhaps its not the issues that aren't there, its a quality candidate that can run an effective campaign that isn't there. There are plenty of issues. 12 years is too long for a single administration, 16 years is much too long. It's time for a change. Give the people a candidate and watch the support build. Because the "Renassiance" hasn't really made its way to all corners of the city.