Friday, January 21, 2005

Look Out, Mr. Spitzer!

That was the message from the TU Editorial Staff right after the Pataki State of the State. They were letting Spitzer know that people would be out to get him. What they failed to mention was that they were going to waste no time in hopping on that bandwagon. Check out their editorial today criticizing Spitzer's campaign for fund raising. They claim his campaign needs to "get a grip" and essentially say that his campaign should focus on other things than fundraising. Their gripe is that Spitzer's campaign manager, Cindy Darrison, sent out an e-mail to supporters asking them to donate before the recent reporting deadline to send a clear message to any Democrat that might be considering challenging Spitzer. I'm a Spitzer supporter and I got the e-mail. Didn't offend me. It reminded me of the many e-mails I got like this from the Kerry campaign and every other campaign I supported last year. If your campaign manager didn't send this e-mail, she wouldn't be doing her job.

The other gripe they have is that Spitzer doesn't have to worry about challengers because he is such a strong candidate. Logically this makes sense. But this is politics. You don't win by sitting back and just waiting to get elected. If you have a chance to raise more money, you raise it. If you can scare the competition, you go for the throat and "get a grip" and squeeze until you are being sworn in. Would RFK Jr. have announced his intention to run for AG this week if Cuomo had $7.9 million in the bank?

And how about this sentence in the TU article on Mayor Jennings State of the City?

"So far this year, no primary challenger has publicly announced a bid against Jennings, who has a substantial war chest". Why would the reporter mention this if according to the editors this is irrelevant? Mayor Jennings held a $1,000 a plate fundraiser recently. Where was the article criticizing the Mayor? There wasn't any. The Mayor is doing what he should do. Raise as much money as quickly as possible to scare off any challengers. It is working for Spitzer. We'll see if it works for Jennings.

And finally, the Spitzer e-mail went to Spitzer supporters. If it bothers the editors so much, I suggest they "unsubscribe" from the mailing list. Or just choose not to give. And they should keep their day jobs because I don't think they should be getting into campaign management anytime soon.