Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Let's Try That Again

Pataki and his crew are digging a hole as big as the Erie Canal with this one. They finally agreed to give the documents in question to the panel investigating the Great Canal Giveaway Scandal. However, they blacked out all the names of anyone involved. Did they think that one would just slip by unnoticed? You can't find us guilty if you can't read our names! Alas, they got caught in the crafty scheme and now have agreed to provide the real documents. I think they can be trusted, don't you?

And today in a letter to the editor of the Times Union Assembly Member PAUL D. TONKO said the following:

"As a participant in Assemblyman Richard Brodsky's recent hearings concerning the state Thruway Authority's awarding of the contract for the entire Erie Canal development rights to one individual, I was dismayed, yet not surprised, with the behavior of the governor and his administration.

The pattern of secrecy, avoidance of full disclosure, disrespect for the taxpaying public and disdain for legislative oversight has been routine."

Come on Paul, tell us what you really think. I hope George doesn't read the paper today. He's got to concentrate on that State of the State speech and this might be somewhat disconcerting.