Tuesday, January 11, 2005

If Karl Rove Only Knew

Apparently there are Republicans in Albany and while this may come as a surprise there isn't too much to worry about because they are currently in a state of disarray. Nothing cheers me up more than Republican infighting about the legitamacy of a Repub vs. Repub election.. Changing laws, rigging elections, "strenuous objections"....all of the usual stuff that they try to get their way instead of just having valid elections.

If this wasn't a blue state i'm sure Mr. Rove would send some of his thugs out to put an end to this. He just wouldn't stand for the following comment:

"All of us were surprised to know we were supporting the mayor [Jennings]"
Annette DeLavallade, President, Capital District Black Republicans

Annette, despite being a democrat I can say, "I feel your pain".