Friday, January 21, 2005

Democracy is Hard Work

So the last Election Commissioner quit as soon as D.A. David Soares said he would be investigating voter fraud in Albany. Which left an opening for the $33,000 a year part time position. I was thinking that might be an alright job. You only really have to work a couple days a year and you get $33,000. Get the voting machines out, make sure people count the votes, certify the results...see you same time next year. Sure if you want to get into some vote rigging or fraud it might take a bit longer but still it seems like an easy gig. But now the Mayor wants to give the job to the current Deputy Commissioner and the plan is to now make it full-time and the pay will be $80,000 a year. Are we going to be having 3 times as many elections? Start counting the votes 3 times? That seems like a hefty bounce in pay. Even Chancellor King might consider that a bit ambitious. Read about that and how your tax dollars might not be funding local political mailings anymore in Inside Politics.