Friday, January 28, 2005

David Soares Speaks

It's not that I don't want to get all my news about my DA from a guy that has a picture of himself posing with Ozzy Osbourne on his resume (Andrew Wilkow) where he is described as "the punk on the right".....but I thought I might look for some other bits of info out on the big old internet. I found an interview with some rather tough questions for David Soares in the New York Daily News. You can read it Here. Let me know what you think.

This is an interesting coincidence. Wilkow is attacking Soares for trying to help people involved in drugs. Soares suggests we might want to offer people that are addicted some type of treatment. Is that OK with Wilkow? We all know Ozzy suffers from addiction. Take this bit:

"Other topics for his memoirs include his arrest for drunken urination on The Alamo, taking acid tabs every day for two years with Sabbath's drummer, Bill Ward, and a stoned attempt to strangle wife and manager Sharon while on tour in Moscow. "


"When you're young, you're stupid. You do silly things. I did it when I was 14. I was in jail for something"

And then this:

"Osbourne has cleaned up his life, with rehab"

So I would ask the "punk on the right"....are you against trying to help people dealing with addiction?