Saturday, January 08, 2005

Accountability - Let's Try It Out!

If Elliot Spitzer doesn't have a bunch of illegal nannies or old DWI's in his closet or on his record then he might be putting together a perfect storm for a landslide election. He is demanding companies and politicians and SPAC follow the law. Which he should because that is his job. The stunning thing is how many people in NY and beyond can't seem to follow the law. Whatever happened to bringing honor back to the Whitehouse? How many different ways are they going to break the law? Yes, it is illegal to use taxpayer money to pay someone to talk up your latest policy.

And what the hell was Hillary Clinton's Finance Director thinking when he was cooking the books? He knew it was illegal. Didn't he think for a second about the fact that the right wing hates Hillary more than anything and are just waiting for this kind of thing?

And speaking of Finance Directors, there is an open position at SPAC now because they too are now the target of a Spitzer investigation and their Finance Director conveniently resigned this week.

And of course we have the ongoing Pataki Canal scandal and related resignations. And the Albany Police Audit that the Mayor is refusing to release to the public.

I think anyone thinking of running against Spitzer better have a sqeaky clean record or they shouldn't bother to waste their money on a campaign. I'm sure they are trying their best to dig up dirt on Spitzer. Do you think it was coincidence that the day of Pataki's State of the State that the head of the largest business association in the US attacked Spitzer? He claimed that Spitzer was being too tough on all the CEO's that had just made "honest mistakes and legitimate accounting differences". Honest mistakes. That is a funny way to describe large scale fraud. If that is the best they can do on Spitzer, I think he'll be alright.