Friday, December 10, 2004

Republicans Court Jennings

The Republicans of Albany County continue to try to get Jennings to accept their endorsement. The Republicans REALLY like Jerry. Albany County Republican Chairman Sullivan keeps asking. From a recent article we get this (bold added by me):

"Sullivan has specifically reached out to Jennings, one of the few area Democrats who didn’t support Soares, inviting him to seek the GOP endorsement. “I think we’re kind of a safety net for the mayor,” said Sullivan. “I do feel and believe he’s going to be primaried. The coalition that got Mr. Soares in there has shown they can get the votes out.” Several committeepeople said they already support the mayor. “I’ve never had a problem with anything he’s done,” said Jim Cribbs. “I think he probably does lean more toward the conservative side.”

Read more about what the Republicans are for like eliminating the School Board. I can't wait to hear more about that. If the primary gets interesting next fall I think we may see Jerry change his tune on not needing the Republicans support.